Reebok just announced that it’s joining the growing vegan trend with the launch of new vegan sneakers called Floatride GROW.

The new plant-based shoes will be available in stores starting this fall, according to a press release published last month.

Reebok’s new vegan sneaker arrives following the success of the brand’s Cotton + Corn collection released back in 2017, which featured plant-based shoes “made from organic cotton and a sole originating from corn.”

The Floatride GROW is made from plants such as eucalyptus tree, algae, castor bean oil, and natural rubber.

The shoe flaunts a white knitted upper rendered in a neutral color palette. It also features the brand’s signature stripes in beige color on the lateral side and a Reebok-branded tab in mustard brown is attached to the tongue. The shoe also sports a white midsole, a gum rubber outsole, and beige laces.

Vice president of Reebok Future, Bill McInnis, says they’re looking to replace oil-based plastic materials with plants.

The Floatride GROW is Reebok’s first-ever plant-based running shoe, and it is the latest example of the brand’s “commitment to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in footwear.”

What do you think about Reebok’s vegan running shoes? Let us know in the comments below.


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