Starbucks Adds New Vegan Yogurt Parfait And Plant-Based Everything Bagel To Its Menu


Starbucks is adding a new vegan yogurt parfait and a plant-based everything bagel to menus in Canada. But they may be coming to the U.S., too.

Although the official release date hasn’t been announced yet, the new vegan menu items are expected to drop next month.

The new Yogurt Parfait features a blend of dairy-free yogurt with blueberries topped with oat granola. The Everything Bagel, on the other hand, has always been made with vegan-friendly ingredients, but it’s not vegan as it contains cheese. However, according to a Starbucks employee, Starbucks is “removing the cheese from the Everything Bagel to make it 100 percent vegan.”

Other vegan options at Starbucks include Sprouted Grain Bagels and the vegan Macadamia Nut Cookies introduced in May last year.

Starbucks also offers a plant-based burrito and a vegan mac and cheese in the UK. The mac and cheese features vegan cheese, mixed greens, and butternut squash. While the burrito comes with smoked tofu wrapped in spinach tortilla.

Have you tried the vegan options at Starbucks? Let us know in the comments.


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